Next wednesday, June 27 at 18:00h on Gamelab will take place the Demo Day of the third edition of GameBCN, where the 5 teams incubated this year will present their videogames.


  • 17:45 - Guest reception

  • 18:00 - Start of the event

  • 18:05 - GameBCN presentation

  • 18:15 - Project presentations

  • 19:00 – Closing


Vote the game that you like the most and participate in a contest!


Rise of Titans (RoT)

Game description

Rise of Titans (RoT) is a massive online TCG. Embodies the gods of antiquity in a world of mythological creatures. Three unique civilizations and up to 120 collectible cards with which to customize your decks. Take advantage of the special abilities of your creatures taking advantage of the terrain, but beware, you and your opponent can use spells to change it. Each game is unique.


Game description

Endling is a 3D side scroller point and click puzzle game for PC, which follows the story of a fox raised in captivity trying to survive into the wild in a dystopian future where the overexploitation of natural resources have endangered the life of the global wildlife. The game features an astonishing graphic style and moral decisions that won’t leave the player indifferent.

Dungeons & Dancers

Game description

Dungeons & Dancers is a rhythm based puzzle game that will put to test your reflexes in a crazy hilarious mix between the epic fantasy world and the present music scene. Select your favourite character and descend to the Dancegeons, musical cursed dungeons filled up with rhythmic traps and party-pooper enemies that will try to kill your swag. Beat the rhythm, never stop partying!

Robot 4Z

Game description

Robot 4Z is a cooperative 2D shooter action game for up to 4 players. Each selectable character plays a strategic role in the game, whether if you are a tank that receives all incoming damage or a healer that supports your teammates, the role you play will have an impact on the overall game experience every time you play. You will have to help each other to succeed!

Oh My Godheads!

Game description

Oh My Godheads! is a fast and frenetic multiplayer title in which four players swing pointy swords, sling explosive pies and celebrate the death of their foes with exuberant aplomb. Choose from a wide variety of characters, before grabbing the Godhead and bringing it back to your base – while unleashes its wrath on you and those around you.